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Difference between wedding breakfast and reception

Do you think organizing a successful wedding is that simple task to accomplish just like that, not at all? Organizing a successful wedding is something very big task for anyone because there are so many things to arrange to keep the wedding couple tension free. One of those most important things when it comes to a wedding is food when there no proper food the guest who visits a wedding does not get satisfied at any cost.

organizing a successful weddingNo matter what you are thinking about either wedding or reception, you have to concentrate on the food that you going to serve your guest. However, remember there is a difference between wedding breakfast and reception without knowing them do not get into the play because there you will be binding up with wasting your money on worthless food and your time.

When it comes to the wedding breakfast vs reception, the food menu of both of them gets varies based on the time they are occurring. The things are explained in detail;

How do wedding breakfast and reception get differ?

Usually, the wedding occurs during the morning time but the reception is opposite to the wedding they occur in evening times in the majority of cases. So you have to decide your event menu accordingly if it is a wedding prefer the little heavy foods to satisfy your guest. Because generally, wedding rituals take more time so your guest has to wait and wish the couple until the rituals get over.

In that case, the food menu you are choosing for the wedding should be apt to that. The wedding breakfast means the food that you going to give to your guest after hours of drinking and munching.

The reception is not like the wedding, it doesn’t take extra time or guests need not wait until the reception gets over. The reception is just like a party and in most cases, is going to be held in evening times. In this case, you can prefer the light foods which are get digested easily so that your guest can have them and able to complete their dinner with them. You can get so many options when it is about reception because the menu is going to be your choice, here you have to pick the foods according to their taste but before finalizing ensure you didn’t pick any heavy foods which trouble your guest at night times.

Before setting your wedding breakfast or reception food menu get to know how to pick them so that you can pick the right one, this article can give you an idea about it.