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Wedding hairstyle ideas for long hairs

Brides are going to be the heroine of every wedding so making them glow on their special day is very important. When it comes to the makeover of the bride their hairstyles is also very important because the hairstyle the girl having will influence the look of her’s. In this case, no matter the bride having long hair or short hair but more too short hair long hair has hundreds of cute bridal hairstyles for long hair to try. So get to know them and have the one that you like most.

Layered bridal hairstyle

The best part about having long hair is you can able to have the perfect layered hairstyles. So you can try them on your special day and add extra charms to the bridal hairstyle you can give a little wavy touch. And remember of is your big day so you have to look grandeur here you can make use of bobby pins and fake flowers to decorate your hairstyle a little more.

bridal hairstyle


No matter what the occasion is the long hair peoples can have the updo hairstyles if they wish. But the style of updo get varies from one to another. There are some of the varieties in the updo hairstyle so you are a bride in this case picking the one according to it. Don’t put all hair into the updos leave some of them to get a good look.


The braids on the long hair always look cute but remember you cannot have those normal braids because you are the bride. In that case, pick any of the braid hairstyles based on your wish. While picking the braided hairstyles for your wedding makeover there you can take the number of trails with that hairstyle so that you can get them easily on your special day and also able to match the best braiding hairstyles with your wedding attire.

Half braids

You can also get an option on the braiding hairstyles half braids are one among those braiding hairstyles. When having the half braids wear the two or three simple braids and then secure them with the hair accessories. To add additional cuteness to this hairstyle you can wear floral crowns and floral clips.

These are some of the wedding hairstyles for brides with long hair among them you can try any of them but before picking any of these hairstyles keep your attire in your mind so that you can able to pick the right style.