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Permed hair hairstyle ideas

Women belonging to this generation are showing high interest in trying the new hairstyles and this is made possible only because of today’s technological development. In case, you are interested in having permed hair you can with the help of some of the chemicals. The perm is the process here with the help of the particular chemicals you can make your hair curly up to a few months.

Through having them you can try so many different hairstyles based on your wish and of course, there are so many ways to style permed hair quickly.

Loose curls

Usually, once you have undergone the perm process you have to put your hair loose without disturbing them because this is the settling time for your hair to curls. But remember when you take the perm process you have to minimize the heat styling in limitation to make the curls stay on your hair.

make hair curly

Braided crown

After a few hours, you can have any kind of hairstyle which the perm looks cute. In case you are having long hair there you can try this braided crown permed hairstyle with the deep-sided part. It looks great on any kinds of outfits that you like to wear and you can make use of bobby pins to secure your hair.

Bob hairstyle

loose curlsWith the perm, you can have the bob cut which can additionally encourage your overall look. Especially when you are having thin hair there bob with a permed hairstyle can make them look thick and also creates a vintage look on your hair.


Even though there are hundreds of hairstyles to have ponytail is one of those most favorite hairstyles for girls. In this case, you can have them with your permed hair it gives you a voluminous look.

In the above content, some of the permed hair hairstyle ideas are recommended you can prefer any of them based on your wish and taste.